Ross McLane

When the going gets tough, the tough get going!

Everyone has been touched by cancer at one point in their lives. That’s why I’m getting into shape in preparation for this year’s special edition of the Randstad Ride for Myriam.

I am motivated to end this terrible disease by supporting cancer research.  Every step I take, every Mile I run or bike, will be in honor of my loved ones, friends and colleagues who have fought or are fighting a battle with cancer.

Please take a few moments to make a big difference, and give generously to my donation page. 

I’m getting ready for the Randstad Ride for Myriam. How about you?

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Your Favorite Gf

Men in tiiiiiiiiights


Kk Kk


Art And Eillen Garland

Thank you Ross...appreciate all that you do!!!



Thanks for doing this, Ross


Alex Atwater & Alex Foley

Good luck! From A & A


Alyssa Rocco

So proud of you and all your training


Patricia Bradley

Good luck Ross. Be safe!


Rachel Koontz


Aaron Widmer

For Freddie Mercury!! Ride like the wind!!


Minnow Foley

Minnow said she loves Rocky but just usually confuses her teeth for licks idk



spandex and butt cream for a good cause!!


Lisa Coliadis

I’ve ordered an inflatable donut for your desk chair for when you return.


Jt Max



Stay in the bike lane.


Jessalynn Hudgins


Lindsey Smagula

Good luck, Ross! Appreciate what you're doing to make a difference!


Ross Mclane


Alex F.


Emilee Herrick

Wear your helmet!


Sandal Wood


Betsy Carroll

Cheers! Good luck with the ride. I tried to think of some Peloton-level inspiration but I've got nothin'.



Good luck!



Work it boiiiiii

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