Paul Wessel

"Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike." - John F. Kennedy

And that has always been why I ride - for the simple, often selfish, joy of it...  

As we enter July, I will once again do my small part to turn that joy into something positive for more folks than just myself...

All too many have been touched by cancer in some way, shape or form in their lives - whether directly or indirectly, you or someone you know may have experienced the pain this disease has caused.   

That is why I join many of my colleagues at Monster and Randstad to fight this terrible disease by riding my bike for the 2022 Randstad Ride, in support of cancer research.

I will be doing this all month in honor of all who have been affected... but especially for one very special, most loved person in my life that kicked its a$$ 😉  !!!

I encourage you to join in the fight.  It does not have to be on a bike – it can be anything.  Just join and donate!  So, during July, please consider taking just a moment of your time to make a big difference! 

Feel free to give a little money…  give a lot of money…  or simply just give us (Team Monster) a shout-out!

So please know any action you take is most welcomed!  (including the shout-outs…  I’d love to hear from you!)

Thanks for reading this and be well!

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Paul Wessel


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Good luck, Paul!