about the event

what is the randstad ride? 

The Randstad Ride is an international event to raise funds for cancer research.  It started as a single long-distance cycling event in 2013 and has grown into an opportunity to get moving (in whatever way participants wish!) to support this important cause.  Over the years, we have raised more than one million dollars for cancer research. In 2020, with the pandemic in full-force, we went virtual, bringing this event to thousands of donors and participants around the globe.

when is the randstad ride?

The Randstad Ride starts on Thursday, June 16 and goes until Sunday, July 17. 

The Randstad Ride in-person cycling event between Boston and Montreal will take place from Thursday, July 14 to Sunday, July 17.  

where does the randstad ride take place? 

The event will largely be held through the virtual Randstad Ride. Simply select your location and language of preference, sign-up and participate in whatever way you choose.  If you are interested in joining our in-person Ride between Boston and Montreal, that option is available as well. 

how much does it cost to enter the randstad ride virtual event? 

When you sign up for the Randstad Ride you are making a $25 donation towards cancer research. While we welcome further fundraising through your fundraising page, there is no obligation to do so. You are also welcome to give yourself a mileage challenge and push your limits! It’s your event, your way, so you can challenge yourself as much or as little as you like! Every logged kilometre makes a difference in meeting our collective goals!

do I have to bicycle? 

This event can be completely customizable to the type of activity YOU want to do.  As long as you are moving, it counts so walk, run, ride, or roll - it's up to you!  An activity conversion chart is available for physical challenges that may not track kilometres so easily. 

is there a minimum age to sign-up? 

There is no minimum age for the virtual event - all are welcome! However, if you would like to participate in the Boston to Montreal cycling event, you will need to be at least 18 years of age. 

how to participate

how do I register for the virtual event? 

To register, please: 

  • select your country and language of preference 
  • follow the prompts and add the required set-up information
  • choose your fundraising and distance goals
  • finalize your $25 donation to support cancer research
  •  set-up your fundraising page and share with your friends, family and colleagues inviting them to donate or join your team! 
  • share your story using #RandstadRide to let others know you are support cancer research

how do I join a team? 

You are invited to create or join a team within your registration process.  Missed that section when completing your registration?  Not to worry!  You can still create or join a team from your dashboard. 

will I receive a randstad ride t-shirt? 

We have a limited quantity of Randstad Ride T-shirts available.  Therefore, t-shirts will be sent to participants on a first-come-first-served basis.  

However, jersey's will be available via the Randstad Ride shop this year, so keep an eye out for those to go live! 

how do I log my kilometres? 

Your profile page includes your personal distance tally so you can track your distance towards whatever target you set for yourself. This is also a great way to keep friends and supporters updated on your progress!

If you track your progress with Fitbit, MapMyFitness or Strava, your distances will automatically be added to your tally!  It’s a great way to make every step count towards our total KM goal! 

To set up automatic tracking, follow these steps: 

  1. Download the Fitbit, Strava or MapMyFitness app and set up your account
  2. Log in to your Randstad Ride account.
  3. Under the heading ‘Connect your preferred Fitness app’, click your chosen app.
  4. Follow the prompts to connect your account

When you next work out, select ‘start your workout’ in the app on your phone. Once you end your workout, save your workout and your distance will be published to the tally on your page the following day.

If you have synced your app already but it is not working, please log in and reconnect it.

When using Fitbit, you must ‘start’ an activity and save it. Your daily steps will not automatically add to your page. If you are having issues, try syncing through BOTH your Fitbit and the Fitbit app on your smartphone.

When using MapMyFitness, you must ‘start’ your workout, ‘stop’ your workout and then ‘SAVE’ your workout.

Your tally will be updated each day with the previous day’s distances.

Remember, you can manually add your kilometres to the tally in your My Fitness Activity tab of your profile after registering. This is a great option if you’re using a pedometer or a different method of tracking your distances.

To manually add your miles, follow these steps: 

  1. Log in to your account and select ‘My Fitness Activity’
  2. Under ‘Add activity’, enter the date and distance
  3. The number of KMs will now appear on your fundraising page!


do I have to fundraise? 

We ask that you make a $25 donation when joining the ride, but beyond that, you are not obligated to fundraise. Should you wish to, we'd love for you to create a fundraising page and have created a fundraising toolkit to give you ideas and support you in doing so. 

where do the funds raised go? 

All donations made go directly to our charitable partners, supporting cancer research efforts in Canada, the United States and Germany. 

how do I set up my fundraising page? 

You fundraising page is set up for you as part of your registration process, to make it easy for you to use.  If you want to personalize or update the information, you can access your fundraising page via your dashboard at any time. 

how do I update my goal? 

Login to your account and head to your dashboard. Click on ‘Edit my page’ and update your fundraising goal. You can use the same process to update your distance goal as well. 

can I make a one-time donation? 

Absolutely!  Cancer doesn't take a break, and we need all the help we can get to save lives and eliminate this disease. If the Randstad Ride isn't your thing, you can make a donation to a fundraiser or team, or via the 'donate to the cause' link. 

how will I receive a tax receipt?

When you make a donation to the Randstad Ride via therandstadride.com website, you will be asked for your email address along with your complete mailing address.  Once your donation has been successfully processed your payment confirmation and tax receipt will be emailed to you, sometimes these emails can get misplaced in your junk folder, so be sure to check there.  

What if I cannot find my tax receipt?

As a donor, you can access your past tax receipts within the donor login, from the main login tab.  Just enter the email address you used when you made the donation, and your tax receipts will be there to download.  If you are a participant, your tax receipts can be found by clicking 'my account' and selecting 'your history'.  

For Canadian participants, should you have issues with your 2021 tax receipts, please reach out directly to kyle.ireland@cancer.ca  at the Canadian Cancer Society. 

troubleshooting & support

how do I recover my password? 

If you can't remember your password, just select 'login' and click the 'forgot your password' link.  It will ask you to enter your email address (the one you used to register with) and then an email will be sent to you with the the reset link. 

how do I reset my password? 

Just login to your account and select your name to access your dashboard.  Click on'my account' and select 'reset password'. 

can I register for more than one team?

Unfortunately, you can only be part of one team for the ride. 

how do I contact someone for help? 

Haven't found the answer you're looking for?  Reach out to csr@randstad.ca.  We strive to respond to all question within three working days. 

the in-person ride

how do I register for the in-person ride? 

This year, the in-person ride that started it all is back!  A four day, 500km ride between Boston and Montreal from July 14 - 17 is the ultimate challenge.  Registration details will be coming shortly, so stay tuned!