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I’m getting ready for the Randstad Ride for Myriam

Hi all! 

Everyone has been touched by cancer at one point in their lives. That’s why this September I’m getting into shape in preparation for this year’s special edition of the Randstad Ride for Myriam.

I am motivated to end this terrible disease by supporting cancer research. Every step I take, every kilometer I run or bike, will be in honor of my loved ones, friends, and colleagues who have fought or are fighting a battle with cancer.

After completing 5 rides from Repentingy-QC city during the Ride to Conquer Cancer, and experiencing the motivation you feel first hand as you ride alongside cancer survivors, strength in numbers motivates us all to make the change cancer research has needed and will continue to need for years to come.  

Please take a few moments to make a big difference, and give generously to my donation page. 

Strength in numbers , with one goal. THE CURE. 

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Thank you Daniel for your support. You are amazing!!


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Great initiative !!


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Congrats Daniel !


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Daniel Pendenza


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