Hary Bottka

When the going gets tough, the tough get going!

Everyone has been touched by cancer at one point in their lives. That’s why I’m getting into shape in preparation for this year’s edition of the randstad ride.

I am motivated to end this terrible disease by supporting cancer research.  Every step I take, every kilometer I run or bike, will be in honor of my loved ones, friends and colleagues who have fought or are fighting a battle with cancer.

Please take a few moments to make a big difference, and give generously to my donation page. 

I’m getting ready for the randstad ride. How about you?

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Thank you to my Supporters


Bob Lopes

Good luck Hary ... have fun; be safe


Cindy Keaveney

Thank you for your commitment to the cause Hary.


Annamarie Phillips

Thank you for your time and ongoing support in getting rid of this horrible disease. I have lost both parents to cancer and have a sister that has gone through a significant battle with cancer... I am proud to say she is a 19-year survivor.


L And N Bottka

Kick Butt!😊❤️Mom and Dad


Sunny Martinez


Cheryl Macmillan

You got this!


Tina Boosel

I am so proud of the dedication you have to this cause. You are doing something great to help others. May God Bless you as you begin your journey! I'm cheering you on from HotLanta. Take care! Tina


Sue Marcus


Jos Schut

Go Hary !! great cause !


Lorna Elias

You are a brave and inspirational man Hary - the training and determination to do this ride every year for such a cause is admirable. You are my hero :)


Dawn Horst

Keep fighting to good fight, Hary, on behalf of everyone that can't.


Anthony Kim

Good luck on the ride Hary!


Paul Vincent

Good luck Hary and I am very happy to support. My wife and I have both lost our fathers to cancer so thank you for being so committed to this critical cause.


Casimir Ryan Turbak


Richard Narine

Keep it up Hary, this one is also in memory for my mum "Rose Narine" who died from cancer 6 years go.


Sheila Harvey


Dan Davenport

Well done!


Esther Veenhuizen

🙏🏻💙 🚴🏼 💪🏻


Rebecca Henderson


Nancy Nassor

Go Hary Go!


Kimberlee Hodges

We all know someone impacted by Cancer. I make this donation in the name of my cousin, Gala, fighting her battle. We'll be cheering you on, Hary.


Scotty Parrish

Go Hary!!!


Niall Anderson

Good luck Hary. Extra kudos if you beat JF :)


Jennifer Aubinanthony


Nothing But Net

Kick but Hary!! Proud of you!


Joanne Estrada


Scott B Gildner

I want PICTURES to prove you actually did this....LOL. Good luck! This is a great tradition for you.


Cherie Ware

Enjoy the in-person ride this year! Thank you for raising funds for this important cause.


Megan Hughes

Good luck - such a great cause!



You are a great inspiration Hary! I wish you and the team lots of success!


Peter Topler

Thank you Hary for riding for the cause.


Laurie Menner


Chrissi Evans

You mad fool


Anne Hicks

Have a safe and fun ride!


Julie Champion

Good Luck Hary! Love that you take this challenge on every year, I commend you. Have a great ride and look forward to seeing pictures.


Jessica Bailey

Good Luck Hary!



I'll miss riding with you guys this year. Be sure to put in a few extra miles for me. Have a great time!


Edwin Schram


James Stovall


Anka Gajentaan

A hero is someone who is willing to help others in his/her best capacity... go Hary!


Clint Scott

go for it Hary


Elayne Hudson

All the best to you and your team