Josh Vesely

Rough ride for cancer

Everyone has been touched by cancer at one point in their lives. That’s why I’m getting into shape in preparation for this year’s edition of the randstad ride.

Recently I had the chance to join our leadership team at Randstad Life Sciences, and I know we are close to having tremendous breakthroughs to treat and one day cure this horrible disease. I am personally motivated by the person that hired me at Randstad 16 years ago. She is the strongest individual I know having beaten cancer multiple times and always managing to still be the most positive person in the world. Thank you Q!

Please take a few moments to make a big difference, and give generously to my donation page. 

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Thank you to my Supporters


You Know Who..

You’re welcome


Bill Harris


Angie Keller


John Ebeid

Good luck, enjoy the ride, and make us proud!


Melissa Meyer

Best of luck! Thank you for raising money for such an important cause!


Kathryn Wilkins

Go get ‘em tiger!


Kristin Vesely

Love you Joshy!! Crush this ride the way you do life, everyday💕💕


Rebekah Dallman



thanks for doing this!


Josh Zieverink

Live, Laugh, Lycra


Matt Kramer

Go get'em and good luck !


Jackie Schaffer

Good luck! Hope the washing machines are always working!


Jay Vanhousen

Good Luck on the ride! Have fun and be safe! Jay V


J De Lucca

Proud of you, brother!


Denise Brannon

Josh, I look forward to following your ride and will be with you in heart and spirit as you make this journey. Safe travels! Kick cancer!


Joel Leege

Thank you for doing this! Have a good ride


Jane M Ligrani

crush it!


Valerie Speer

RLS will be cheering you on, Josh!!!


Timothy Keith

Go get them, Josh!


Greg Dyer


Jay Bobbitt

Great cause, enjoy the ride!


Ron Litton

Good luck Josh!


Jane Pondel

What a great way to help fight cancer! Enjoy the ride, Josh. :)


Stephanie Priebe


Kelli Selness

Good luck on your ride Josh!! I don't know how you guys can do this....kudos to all of you!!



Ride well.


Chris Mumfrey

Ride On!! Be safe, have fun!


Tara Miller

Enjoy, Josh! Proud of you and our colleagues for making such a huge impact for a great cause.


Lindsay Lundy

Good luck Josh! I know you are going to crush it!




Patrick Fabry

GO GET'EM DMX!! Great thing that you are doing!!


Amber Nakashian

Best of luck Josh! Stay hydrated!


Brian Hanley

Thanks Josh for making an impact in the world by riding and raising money. Be safe in the ride and we will all continue the hard work to fight cancer as best we can!


Sarah Haase

Thanks for doing this!


Aaron "the Iowan" Widmer

Ride like the wind. Appreciate you sir!


Justin Matthews


Ellen Morrisey

Thank you for all that you're doing! What an amazing way to help a great cause.


Maryann Hobbs

I hope that you have a relaxing ride while supporting all those who have been affected by this ugly disease. You rock!!