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Riding for Rob...

I've joined Randstad's Ride for Myriam, an annual event that my company organizes to raise funds for cancer research. This is traditionally a bicycle ride from Montreal to Boston over a few days. Given the pandemic, we've opened it up to a virtual event to ride, run or walk. And this year, I'll actively participate for the first time, committing to ride (my Peloton) an average of 60 minutes a day from 9/10 to 9/25. I'm riding to honor one of my best friends, Rob Kosid, a Marine and avid cyclist himself who fought his battle with unyielding strength and grace.

Please consider donating and supporting my efforts to give back and change lives. Every dollar raised will help fund vital cancer research that can change lives.

And if you can't donate, please send prayers, thoughts and positive vibes to the universe. And know that we won't give up the fight - for Rob and those finally at peace from their fight, for those still fighting, and for those whose lives will be forever changed by the news that they have to fight the good fight.

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Semper Fidelis...always in our hearts.


Rich Weede


Jim Fallon

Always in our hearts. S/F



Ride Strong, Ride High and thank you for riding to help keep fighting the good fight. #keepridingforrob


Patricia A Harris

Thank you for your continued memories of Rob and your support in the cure for cancer❤️


Martin Casado